About UpTraining

Our Vision

To empower others to be the best version of themselves; adding value to lives and heart to businesses.

What We Do

Coach accountants and bookkeepers to be highly valued advisers.

Useless Trivia:

My favourite colour: Purple

My favourite word: it used to be congruent, now it is “curious”!

My favourite food: is out of my garden

My favourite movie: Dirty Dancing, because it has brought me so much joy and connection and amazing memories of watching this with my gorgeous little nieces ….they’re no longer little!

My favourite place: My heart home is Long Beach, Russell, NZ

About Simonne

I just love people.  For as long as I can remember, I have been really curious about why it is we do what we do.  What makes us tick as such.  This has led me down a lifelong path of self-discovery.  Facing my demons, unpacking my monsters and looking in the mirror.  I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way that have supported my growth and learning.  With 25 years in the accounting industry and 8 years teaching Business Management at several tertiary institutions, I am completely besotted with my industry and work with Accountants and Bookkeepers.  The reason is two-fold.  I love my industry.  It is misunderstood, significantly important to our whole economy and demanding.  Secondly, I want to make an impact.  I want to know that my being on this planet mattered.  The best way I know how to do that is by impacting my industry at such a level that it ripples.  If I can help you understand you and others, lead with CORE Confidence, help you to show up better for your team, your clients, your family….and most importantly yourself!  If I can help you to sleep, reduce stress, improve creativity, live a better life, as well as increase your business results, well how would that feel?  What a ripple we together can make in our world! 

That’s my rant really, but if you’d like to know my certifications and blah blah, read past this paragraph….. if it supports you in deciding to work with me, fabulous.  Of course it says all the things you expect to read, so here are a few of the not so great.  I am an in time person, which means I tend to show up just in time…..love me anyway.  I am informal, so I tend to have a bit of a laugh and share my world with you which also is informal….love me anyway.  I couldn’t care less about most material things but I love the freedom money provides in being able to provide for my family, continued learning, contribution and travel….love me anyway.

Read on if you’re bored. 😊

I work with you to identify and remove barriers that are impeding attainment of desired goals and outcomes.

As well as mindset, I ensure structure and processes are positioned for growth and flexibility in a dynamic world – to work smarter not harder. Additionally, having worked within the accounting industry the last 25 years, knowing and understanding the numbers is vital to your success and clarity.

I am an empathetic listener with a passion for people and processes. I use multiple proven structured and measurable methodologies to get results.  Quite frankly I have way too many certifications and well, if that’s your thing, no judgement and here is a list of SOME of them outside of accounting, that support me to do the work I do.

An Extended DISC Practitioner, Certified Graduate Ultimate Coach, Certified Adult Educator, LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Strategic Business Coach, and Zenergy Facilitator, I get results by listening and supporting you with an accountable, measurable approach. Delving into the grey matter we will work on how to get the best out of you and your resources.

My real passions are people and processes, with my absolute drive being to empower others to be the best version of themselves; adding value to lives and heart to businesses. I work in and with the whole person; considering the whole picture. Leaving work at home and home at work is an archaic ideal. We are whole and human – s@%t happens. I support you to wade, wallow and wash off….and have fun doing it!

A member of The NZ Association for Training & Development I am bound by the NZATD Code of Professional Practice.

Outside of small business, my interests include travel, anthropology and psychology, particularly why we do what we do; movies, reading, anything in on or around the ocean, sports, health & fitness, & socialising with friends & family.

About Steph

Steph joined UpTraining in November 2019 as a Virtual Assistant to Simonne. She has been in the industry for more than seven years and loves doing what she does – supporting owners/companies to achieve their business goals.

In 2021, Steph was promoted to Executive Virtual Assistant. Performing various EA and admin support to Simonne.  Steph keeps the wheels of our business machine moving and Simonne in line!  She supports our clients success, organises our events, and is a critical point of contact for all external partners.

Steph completed a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology and so is our go-to for IT support. A tech-savvy, she has a particular interest in computers and softwares – even enjoys getting challenged looking for fixes and/or workarounds. Steph ensures the smooth running of our IT systems, maintain websites and other databases.

Steph lives by the company’s CORE Values, is diligent and well-organised. She loves music, spending time with family and friends, and loves to pamper herself with anything sweet.

About Aile

Aile is our Virtual Assistant.  She is in-charge of marketing growth and brand representation across all media channels.

Aile completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and was a teacher of Biology.  During the Pandemic, Aile began working as a Virtual Assistant alongside her part time online teaching.  She’s been with the company since 2020.  Aile enjoys being in-charge of the company’s branding, and social media platforms. When the opportunity was presented to her to join us fulltime, Aile leaned into our CORE Values which are so aligned with her own and stepped into this challenging role. Aile works with great passion and willingness to learn and lives by the company’s CORE values.

She is open-minded and accepting, and an animal lover.  She has two gorgeous male fur babies. One of her long-term goals is to buy land to build an animal shelter and start her own business, employing less fortunate people as her employees. She likes sharing what she has to others especially the needy.  Like the rest of the team, Aile wants to make the world a better place and is a highly valued member of our team.


I’ve just completed one of the most powerful personal development courses of my life – the CORE Leadership Program with Simonne Liley.

I decided to do this program because, I wanted to increase my capacity and resilience in challenging situations, and,
without really knowing it at the time, be more happy in my work and life. If you would like to learn how to overcome the many challenges you face using practical and proven strategies, learn more about yourself, and ultimately, be more happy, I cannot recommend this programme more strongly.”

Mark Jenkins on CORE Leadership Program

Director, The Gap

I decided to do this program because I wanted to improve my confidence and conflict resolution, and since completing I have so much more understanding of self, I’m happier and calmer in situations.  I’m on a path to improvement.  I 100% recommend Simonne and the program because you owe it to yourself, you are worth it!

Lisa Lines on CORE Leadership Program

Director, Sidekick CA

I decided to do the training because I was struggling with finding my place in my new role as a director, as well as having much baggage carried along from a traumatic childhood and past relationship that I needed to come to terms with so I could move on. I would totally recommend this course for a number of reasons. One Simonne is great at holding you accountable and making the whole thing seem like fun. Two, working with a pod group is amazing, the support and encouragement if you are willing to be vulnerable is awesome. Three, I have made so much progress, been much calmer and finding life as a whole much easier to deal with. If you are thinking of doing this – DO IT, it will be the most life changing experience ever!!

Priscilla Amer on CORE Leadership Program

Director, Epplett & Co