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Are you not quite getting the results you think you could be and not quite sure why?

Have you subscribed to software that enables you and your team to support your clients in all manor of things, monetising and diversifying your practice offerings?  But where to start and will clients pay?

Do you want to help your clients more but not sure how to get the conversation started?  Do you meet with your clients but you give away all that value without positioning further services or being able to articulate well, how else you can help them? 

Would you like to develop or strengthen your own kickass coaching techniques that you can use with your clients, supporting them to achieve incredible results?

Have you gained or developed a team and not quite sure how to lead, inspire, or empower them?

Are you wanting to strengthen your leadership, assertiveness, communication, conflict and change management skills and/or those of your team?

Have you future-proofed your practice with the skillset’s required to be agile and responsive to the inevitable?

Let’s get under the hood and improve all areas of performance, professional, personal and bottom line! 

Having worked in the accounting industry for the last 20 years I have an in-depth knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that present. 

Our industry has been through major technology disruptions with Xero and IRD’s Business Transformation.  The disruption is not over.  We are heading into a time where AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming more and more sophisticated.  Are you prepared?  

I work with you to identify and unlock your internal resources and capabilities, combine them with your external resources so you can fully implement and utilise them to meet your full business and personal potential. 

I do this by using measurable mind and business tools, processes and accountability.  It is a ride like no other, are you up for it?  


Industry Recommendations:  

“I approached Simonne Liley because Mark from The Gap highly recommended her.  Before working with Simonne, I didn’t have the confidence to convince the potential clients to buy my services; I had difficulty charging the price I deserved; I struggled to get more leads. 

Simonne helped me by working on my mindset and fundamentally changing my thinking.  She helped me to stay focused and always reminded me of the result I wanted to get.  She offered all the support and encouragement that I need for success.  The result was incredible.  I was well on track with my 90 day plan.  I had massively increased my confidence level.  I am charging the right price and I am getting more clients.  Simonne is a very tough but caring coach, which I really appreciate.  She made me accountable for the things I said I would do, but she also shared my journey with me, the ups and the downs.  I found the experience very eye-opening and satisfying.  I couldn’t believe I can achieve so much in 90 days.  I look forward to working with her in the near future.  I would recommend Simonne to anyone who wants transformation of their personal life and business life, and want to achieve their true purpose.”  

Tracy Liang – Director

Target Accounting Service

Melbourne Australia


Are you keen to help your clients more?  Would you like to develop an alternative income stream other than compliance? 

I can help you do just that.  I will support your Practice by either:

  • Training you and your team to provide extended Xero or Business Development services to your clients.  Using proven resources I will assist you in implementation and provision until you are comfortable to go it alone; or
  • By providing extended services to your clients on your behalf. 

Any of the services listed for small businesses, I can provide to you and your clients.  I have been contracting to accounting firms since 2005 and absolutely understand the necessity for confidentiality and the extreme value and importance of nurturing the client relationship with their chosen accounting firm.


Industry Recommendations: 

“Simonne’s skills are the perfect compliment to an accountant’s.  As a professional trainer and business development specialist, she expertly helps clients in areas of real value, but that are often a bit far from the core skills of accountants. 

Simonne has helped my practice better serve our clients.  At the same time, she has allowed me to focus on the areas where I can add the most value.  Our clients are happier and so am I.”

Robb MacKinlay
MacKinlays – Accountants

“I have worked in the same office space for an extended period of time with Simonne where she was Practice Manager & Consultant for a busy Auckland CBD Chartered Accountancy firm.  Her professionalism was always evident, however what did impress me was her ability to communicate and subsequently obtain the buy in from a diverse group of accountants to the technology changes and upgrades that she was developing within the practice.

My practice, a niche insolvency and restructuring firm, recently had need of Simonne’s forensic skills in analysing a Xero file in a complex insolvency assignment that was suspected of being corrupted.  I engaged Simonne as a Xero specialist to provide a report identifying the areas of risk and where there was a potential for ‘leakage’ to have been buried.  The work and resulting report that Simonne provided was succinct and provided a clarity as to the specific areas of the Xero file that further forensic work was required.  The work is ongoing and I will likely be engaging Simonne for further forensic work drilling down on those risk areas.  I highly recommend Simonne as a highly competent professional who is also a great communicator. “

Chris Horton
Chris Horton Associates
Insolvency & Restructuring

“Simonne has been a  Xero Consultant at our Practice for the previous two years.  I was aware that she had skills in business development and teaching, but because we were focused on changing to Xero and going digital it was not our focus.  Recently she held a planning session for a client, they were pleased with the outcome, she was invited back to do the Organisational Structure.  Simonne was able to put to good use her skills in this area to facilitate discussion.

I have no hesitation in recommending Simonne for Business Development Sessions…”

John Lowther
Lowthers Auckland Ltd
Chartered Accountants

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