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I help Sole-Practitioner Accountants and Bookkeepers to get significant and fast ROI on Business Development Services.

I’m you.  18 years in the accounting industry.  I’ve have had some highs and some lows. 

As a sole practitioner with NO TEAM, I developed a six figure Business Development ONLY revenue stream in six months!  Then I started helping other accountants and bookkeepers.  It wasn’t just me getting great results, they were too! 

I’ve developed a proven system that gets consistent results.

Even if you have:

NO sales skills 

NO coaching skills 

NO resources 

NO presentations skills

❌ NO confidence

BUT you who want to:

Develop an alternative income stream

Have raving fan clients that never question a bill again! 

Have work-life balance – time to do whatever you want.

✅ Confidently work to attain your own and client goals

✅ Have more money in the bank

You can develop a dynamic future-proofed practice with Business Development Services.


I’ve raised two children and run my own business, alone.    

At times I struggled.  Sometimes with charging, sometimes with isolation.  Sometimes with systems, sometimes with workflow,  Sometimes with team members, sometimes with clients.  Sometimes with time or lack there of and sometimes with confidence.

But the thing that got to me the most was when I struggled with cashflow. 

I made a bad business decision.  In hindsight, it was harder on my ego than my bank account.  

It was like the plumber with the blocked toilet! 

So I got clear, got a coach and I got to work.  

Industry Recommendation:  

“I approached Simonne Liley because Mark from The Gap highly recommended her.  Before working with Simonne, I didn’t have the confidence to convince the potential clients to buy my services; I had difficulty charging the price I deserved; I struggled to get more leads. 

Simonne helped me by working on my mindset and fundamentally changing my thinking.  She helped me to stay focused and always reminded me of the result I wanted to get.  She offered all the support and encouragement that I need for success.  The result was incredible.  I was well on track with my 90 day plan.  I had massively increased my confidence level.  I am charging the right price and I am getting more clients.  Simonne is a very tough but caring coach, which I really appreciate.  She made me accountable for the things I said I would do, but she also shared my journey with me, the ups and the downs.  I found the experience very eye-opening and satisfying.  I couldn’t believe I can achieve so much in 90 days.  I look forward to working with her in the near future.  I would recommend Simonne to anyone who wants transformation of their personal life and business life, and want to achieve their true purpose.”  

Tracy Liang – Director

Target Accounting Service

Melbourne Australia

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