Communication and Profiling

Coach Accountants and Bookkeepers to be Highly Valued Advisers.

Your success in life, both professional and personal, is largely determined by how well you interact with others.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s very easy to get along with certain people. You almost instantly and effortlessly understand the other person. The communication just flows. Unfortunately, with most people, communication takes more effort.

You cannot quite understand where the other person is coming from, what they really want, and what their intentions are. You may also have an uncomfortable feeling the other person is having a similar experience.

During the course of a conversation, have you lost a sale, frustrated a customer, demotivated an employee or angered a friend? On top of that, did the interaction make you disappointed, frustrated and even tired?

It takes energy, effort and concentration and still the results are not what you hoped they would be.

Extended DISC® provides you with the model to have more successful interactions with others.

Individual Profiling and Debrief

An individual package of profiling and debrief.

Completing an online assessment provides us with an in depth analysis. We will then meet for an hour and a half during which we’ll “unpack the report”. You will learn your highlighted areas of expertise and areas of development. We will also determine strategies that will minimise stress and optimise your energy, so your success is optimised!

Team Communications Workshop

As it is important to understand ourselves, it’s also important to know how we work together. This is where team Communications Workshop comes in. You will learn tools and behaviours that optimise positive outcomes for communication in the workplace, within teams, with self, clients, spouse, children, etc.

The workshop is interactive, engaging and dynamic that will help your team gain an understanding of how people in general (and themselves) are motivated, approach tasks, achieve goals, experience stress, and how people prefer to communicate and be communicated with for optimum outcomes.

It will also provide us with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance. One of the issues that it addresses is if teams got a culture that is being challenged by strong or introverted personalities, these communication days can highlight it in a non-confronting way and through other ways of managing.

We will also explore unique team roles and communication dynamics at an interpersonal and organisational level.

The workshop is delivered tastefully. The tools can be taken into your personal life to enhance all of your relationships.

There is no right or wrong personality, it is about awareness and understanding!!

Feedback from a recent attendee:
“Just wanted to say thank you, the workshop was very insightful. I also wanted to upgrade the review I gave of the product from good to great! After having more time to go over it I was amazed with the detail given in the report, so thought it only fair to get in touch and let you know! We’ve had a definite ‘shift’ in the workplace after your session … a lot more mindfulness in all interactions. Thanks again Simonne. You have a very cool job and do it very well!” – Alison Enticott, KGA Accounting Plus.

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