Extended DISC®

I help Sole-Practitioner Accountants and Bookkeepers to get significant and fast ROI on Business Development Services.

Your success in life, both professional and personal, is largely determined by how well you interact with others.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s very easy to get along with certain people. You almost instantly and effortlessly understand the other person. The communication just flows. Unfortunately, with most people, communication takes more effort.

You cannot quite understand where the other person is coming from, what they really want, and what their intentions are. You may also have an uncomfortable feeling the other person is having a similar experience.

During the course of a conversation, have you lost a sale, frustrated a customer, demotivated an employee or angered a friend? On top of that, did the interaction make you disappointed, frustrated and even tired?

It takes energy, effort and concentration and still the results are not what you hoped they would be.

Extended DISC® provides you with the model to have more successful interactions with others.

I offer an Extended DISC® assessment to all of my coaching clients as part of their program with me. It is also incredibly valuable as a stand alone tool.

Extended DISC® solutions are designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, has a positive impact on performance. If gives us a clear outline of areas of strength and areas of development.

Communication is much more effective with your client and your team when you know what makes them and you tick!

You will learn the four DISC styles, how to identify who you are, and how others perceive you (leading to a more confident self-awareness), how to better read other people and understand them, and how to modify your behaviour to become even more successful.

Extended DISC is based on the most widely used and accepted model of human behaviour.

Extended DISC® solutions are very popular. Their success is based on their strong ability to provide information to make better decisions. Too often assessments tell us what we already know: “Oh yes, that’s me.” If a tool only provides information that the user is already aware of, it has very limited value.

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