For Small Businesses

Are you driven and wanting fast results and/or not getting the results you think you are capable of?

Or not getting the results that your external resources should project for you?

Let’s cut to the chase and get real aye. I have been in business nearly two decades and if I am to be completely honest, a good chunk of that time I struggled. Life can throw you some curve balls and I had my share.

I mean I couldn’t expect it to be all beer and skittles right?

I’d left my marriage with little to no resource and started from scratch. I was a single parent raising two children. The balance – including in the bank, tenuous at times.

Hey, I acknowledge and give myself a big pat on the back for the fact that I raised two children and ran a business that put food on the table.

Both my children assure me they felt loved, supported and had a good childhood. So BIG TICK there. And I loved learning, teaching and helping others to be successful in business. My clients did well and I was doing OK. Then I made not just one, but two near fatal business decisions.

I hit rock bottom! It had been tough before at times but this time it was different. I felt exhausted and done.

The hardest part was owning it. I absolutely struggled to talk with anyone.

I had two choices, I could stay down and watch everything turn to sh$t, or I could get back on the horse. I chose the latter. I knew what I needed to do.

I engaged a coach and turned my business around in double quick time to a highly profitable business! Incredible and scary.

I was too close to my business and to me. I was emotionally attached. Having someone outside of my business and outside of my head helped me see and do the things I needed to do to recover from the massive knocks and be in better business shape than I ever had been. (I’m still working on the kilos part!) I knew it all on a practical level, but I needed that external view and support. I also needed to get serious and honest with myself.

So yeah, I know how you feel. Better than that, I know how to get you through to where you want to be.

If you’re in business and feeling..







Like you have poor cashflow

BUT you’re also








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