Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you have all had a decent break and perhaps are continuing to do so? I am so pumped for 2018. There are so many opportunities presenting themselves and such a dynamic world we are in. Exciting times!

2018 sees me getting even more deliberate about my personal and professional direction. Some shifts with my last child leaving home for university means that after 27 years I will be without a dependent living at home…..mixed emotions this brings of course.

However, ultimately it means it is now my time. Time to do what it is I really love, with the flexibility of being able to commit to a more dynamic schedule.

What you may not know is that for the past 12+ years I have also been working in one way or another as a Business Coach. However, I have really struggled calling myself a coach. A bad experience many years ago with a coach made me shy of calling myself one! Having eliminated that old story, I am now comfortable calling myself a Strategic Business Coach.

I have also been working with individuals and entrepreneurs around resilience. This is a real passion for me and something I know far to much about having had to bounce back from many setbacks, none of which I will bore you with here just yet.

In March I will be presenting at an event, details here.  I’d love to see you there.

All the best for 2018. May it be your best one yet!